El Merkado is the heart and soul of Los Cabos! We have gathered with the best Chefs in Los Cabos and its vicinities to bring a great gastronomic variety that will delight your palate while supporting the local community and help to promote a healthy lifestyle. Forget about asking where to go when you want to eat out, or where to find that secret ingredient of that fabulous new recipe, come and visit El Merkado and discover what it is about.

Located in Koral Center, in the Touristic Highway between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, our modern concept explores the best culinary options in Mexico in a unique space.

Come and spend a pleasant time to the ideal meeting point, consume locally and explore the culinary marvels that Los Cabos has for you. El Merkado is a place for the whole family, friends, couples and colleagues.

Enjoy the experience all day, we open from 7:00 am to 2:00am.

Looking for an ideal place to organize your event? We can help adapt our facilities so you can organize a party, meeting or any other special occasion in our Event Room. Let El Merkado stimulate your senses to this new social and culinary experience.


This is not a place to go, El Merkado is the heart and soul of Los Cabos! Get ready to be amazed by our innovative approach and extraordinary dining experience.


Located in Los Cabos, in the majestic territory of Baja California Sur, Mexico, inside the new commercial area of Koral Center.

El Merkado aims to be the meeting point between family and friends; as the headquarters of the most important events in Los Cabos, as it has a strategic location in the Transperninsular Highway between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

Transperninsular Highway km 24.5, Cerro Colorado, San Jose del Cabo, BCS, Mexico.


Earth, Sea & Sky

It’s time to go back to our roots with fresh, organic and quality products that support farmers and local businesses. Let yourself go by the aroma of coffee beans, find the best fruits and vegetables of the region, organic candies, handmade soaps, the freshest fish you can imagine and unique creations by talented chefs that we have gathered under the same roof. El Merkado has more than 29 culinary options for you to enjoy.


Inspired by Europe

The architecture of El Merkado is inspired in the great European markets, it is a spacious, modern space with a cozy and functional decoration which provides enormous advantages when making a short visit or planning an elegant and sophisticated event.


A unique place of its kind.

The Merkado is created to offer pleasant experiences to each member of the family, from the mother who wants to make purchases or take prepared food, executives with business meetings, couples who want to have a romantic dinner with a varied selection of dishes or Well, families and children; For whom we have designed a special space with different activities.

The Merkado is the best place to eat in Los Cabos, a great gastronomic offer for all diners in one place full of experiences to discover and enjoy.

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