Loco X las Empanadas

The property

The mass of this delicious product was born more than 50 years ago from the hands of a Ukrainian named Catalina Vascovech Pajoluck, it began to be made in the city of Young, Rio Negro State, Uruguay. From the beginning it has always been managed like a family business, using the home kitchen to sell abroad. Catalina mother of Miguel Eme Rodríguez Vascovech taught him all the secrets of the dough since he was 14 years old, he always used it in the same way as the home kitchen business to sell abroad as taught by his mother. In the hands of Miguel, the secret of the dough has been with him for 37 years and still remains the same seasoning as his mother and today it remains elaborated by Luciano Federico, son of Miguel and grandson of Catalina, who apparently by history and trajectory of the dough, love and attachment increases day by day in its quality and being very honest "El Merkado" was the one that really gave us the motivation to take it from the home kitchen to a direct place for the first time in its history.



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